Reza Afrookhteh begun studying art seriously at age 15 and was studying at institute of art where he graduated with highest honor. He also studied privately with one of Persia’s most well-known artists. At age 21, Reza was commissioned to paint the portrait of the queen of Persia, which was hanged in the Royal palace. Many other prominent people also collected his works.At age 22, Reza left Persia to travel through Europe, and gained greater artistic experience. He also helped private shows and successfully sold his artworks to many private collectors. Upon leaving Europe at age 24, Reza decided to further his promising career by traveling to the United States, where he lives today. He opened his studio and become known by many for his artistic versatility and range. Reza’s art work has been responded by some California’s galleries and his paintings are displayed in the homes of prominent citizens, Celebrities, and notable art collectors. Reza has been successfully selling his works from his private studio, for the past several years. He is a fine and accomplished artist, and his paintings are truly a creation of artistic experience. Reza is a genius of lighting. In addition, he is also well-known as an expert restorer of fine art, paintings.